Hope for Twin Flames

Hope for Twin Flames / Twin Souls ? Yes !

During the last few months I have been contacted by so many Twin Flames / Twin Soul Couples who finally found each other, or in some cases found each other again after a long separation. Unfortunately the reunion is not always what they expected and it seems there is a constant pulling away and coming back going on. What can cause this strange behavior when every fiber of your being wants to be together ?

There are no simple answers, every case is unique and has its own timing of course. But there is one thing that all of them seem to have in common: the strong will not give up to make the final reunion happen, no matter what.

When I speak to some of you I am truly amazed about the determination I can feel coming from you. You are ready to go wherever destiny takes you and you standing your ground when it comes to all the Nay Sayers. This behavior and you reaching out to me caused me to investigate the energies behind of your road blocks.

Here is my channel of Hope for You directly from Source and the Universal Consciousness

I am Cirrias and I am here today to find answers for all who seek to finalize the Divine Union of the Twin Flame and the Twin Soul.

Cirrias addressing the Council, Source and all Guides present who are ready to help: Can you please advise me, why are there so many road blocks at this present time preventing the finalization of the reunions ?

Answer: The road blocks you talking about are nothing more than stepping stones put down by the ignorance of one that is not ready yet. The point we are trying to make is that two halves can only fit together if both are willing to merge. So, if one of the mirrors is still clouded it will take the stronger one to make him or her see.

Cirrias: Why does it have to be so painful and exhausting when all it takes is Divine Intervention to open the eyes of the ignorant ?

Answer: The finding and coming together is part of the reunion and cannot be helped along, it would be changing the destiny for both and free will would be altered. But we see the suffering and have sent help and hope for those who are seeking it. Help in form of awakening, and enlightening for the ones that are still in the darkness.

Cirrias: What action can the left-behind take when the other part has already left and now seeks a way to find each other again ?

Answer: The Divine Union of Twins can never be severed, they will find a way to be together again no matter the obstacles. As you know their bond reaches beyond and across life times, the inner calling cannot be silenced.

Cirrias: Are there any other energies responsible for this waiting and struggle ?

Answer: Yes, it is with great sorrow that we have to say that the raising of the consciousness on your planet depends also in part on the reunion of the Twin Flames / Twin Souls. Unfortunately over the last few years, even after the massive appearance and reunions of Twins, the rest of the world’s population has rapidly declined in numbers and their efforts to raise consciousness. The level needed for your planet reaching the Golden Age was close at one point and started to decrease again last year.

Make no mistake, we want Humanity to succeed and reach the point where Love rules your planet and we will do anything to assist with this effort. We encourage all of you who want to see their union to be finalized and eternal: ask for help and it will happen, manifest and intent your union with the strength that only Twin Flames and Twin Souls possess. You are on the verge of eternal bliss and love, don't let duality and fear stand in your way. The Union is blessed and will remain one of the most Sacred Unions there is, no matter in which timeline or dimension you will reunite !

We have given you all the answers for now, we send our blessings and eternal love. Be well Cirrias, you are the messenger; spread the word !

Cirrias: I am honored to be the messenger and the connection. I accept my mission and will spread the word. Thank you for allowing me to raise these questions today and please accept my eternal gratitude for the blessings and love.

I am Cirrias Messenger to all and I am your connection to Source and the Universe

This ends my channel and I sincerely hope it will help all those who are in need for answers.

The Universe has promised us there is HOPE. Together we can manifest and intent and, if you allow me, I will help to lead the way.

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