Crossing paths with your Twin in past lives

Have you had a dream that seemed so real to you that you actually could feel, taste and touch the things you were doing in this "dream" ? Well maybe this is not really a dream but rather a memory of one of your past lives !

Some of us have left notes in their own akashic records to remind themselves about situations and people that touched their life in a special way. If you experienced a great love affair in your past life and promised the other person to see them again in the next life, you want to be sure to recognize him/her when you meet in the next reincarnation.

In many of the Twin Flame / Twin Soul readings and past lives readings I have done over the past 45 years I have often seen these sealed notes. It usually is labelled note to myself and gives instructions and information about what to do if found in the present life. Sometimes it also contains a warning about the other person who left them standing alone when it was time to make a commitment. Here we are often introduced to the Runner, the person who clearly was not ready to accept the full responsibility of the Twin Flame / Twin Soul relationship and the mission that comes with it. Leaving a note to prevent the same hardship in the next life seems to be the reasonable thing to do. I often see the same couple crossing path in many past lives, not always knowing anything about them being twins.

So if the final reunion has not happened in the past, it is still possible for the Runner to show up in the present life, still not ready to commit. There is no coincidence in life, you decided to look at your records exactly at the time when he/she has once again hurt your feelings and you wanted to know "is this really my twin, or am I wrong about the bond we seem to share ?". The only conclusion I can come to is that you left behind the note and set a time marker, knowing you would cross paths with him/her again.

If both of you were happy and secure in your relationship in your past life but did not reunite, it simply means reunion was not possible at this time.

In this present life we are in, I have seen more people reuniting than ever before ! The energies on our planet are right for the reunion and the start of the twin mission; never before has there been a better time. I access the Akasha almost on a daily base and I see past lives by the thousands, never has there been a time in the past on this planet with more reunions.

We live most of our past lives to prepare for the right moment if we are part of the Twin Flame / Twin Soul Legacy, waiting and preparing not only for the reunion but also to start and finish our mission together. The missions of the twins are important and essential for the awakening and the survival of our planet, how could we be unprepared for such an important task.

So the next time you have a "dream" about you and your twin in a strange setting and an unknown time and location but it feels incredibly real, you might be seeing yourself in a past life together.

Try to remember your "dream" and write it down, chances are that you will have more like this one and very often it actually continues where it left of the last time. You may even see yourself writing the note and so you are aware of it. It will be up to you to make the decision to access your records; no matter if you do it yourself or with the help of a past life reader, it is definitely a great tool to find out more about your past relationship with your twin.

The bond you share reaches way across life times and can never be severed, so you will always be guided in the right direction to find and, eventually when the time is right, to reunite.

So watch for the signs, record your dreams and keep the faith. The day of reunion is close, so let your light shine and show him/her the way back to you !

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