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More explanations about twin flames

Although I already said so much in my blog articles and my various videos I feel that the time has come for a new blog post under the form of questions and answers, which will allow me to more easily add new information whenever a new question arises.

So here it is, even more questions that many people keep asking !

About me

As you may have discovered on my Spiritual Services Web Site I am a natural born psychic. My abilities let me see, feel, hear, and sense. I am also a Reiki Master and a spiritual teacher, and I provided advices and guidance to hundreds of people over many years with the help of Source and my Spirit Guides. The many testimonials you can find my Twin Flames Web Site and on my Spiritual Services Web Site say more than enough about how people feel about me.

I am also specialized in crystals and stones, I sell a lot of them along with jewelry on my Shop Web Site. Crystals and stones have many useful properties than can help in many ways, it would be too long to detail here but don't hesitate to look at my Shop or to get in touch with me !

I was also granted the blessing of finding my twin flame when the time was right, in this life.

All this puts me in a very special position when it comes to helping other people. With my own experience combined with the experience of the many people I listened to and helped, I can truly say that I know about the subject of twin flames. My psychic abilities, which also include nice goodies like past lives readings, along with my healing abilities are invaluable tools to answer all questions and help in every possible way.

What's my story ?

I found my twin when I was 60, and I actually should rather say that he found me. I am mentioning this because your twin flame will find you when the time is right, you don't have to do anything; also, it may actually take quite a while before your twin is ready. I waited for my twin pretty much all my life and ended up giving up any hope shortly before he arrived in my life. I must also add that he was 38, so yes there can be - and there actually often is - an age difference.

We were both married when we met, with children, and we were living pretty far from each other since I was in the US and he was in Europe. The connection between us was immediate, deep, and we got together very quickly. We didn't have any doubts about what we wanted to do and jumped into the unknown. Given the circumstances we couldn't really “try each other”, so we really had to risk and loose everything without any guarantee of any kind. Many people often tell me “you just know”, well we went for it without doubting because we just knew.

Of course, besides the “fairy tale” part we had our fair share of difficulties, stress, pain and fights. The separations were tense and difficult emotionally with the many people involved. Then one of us had to move to a complete different place and lose “everything”, which means not only your possessions but also your job, your colleagues, your friends, your whole environment. You end up in a foreign place that you don't know at the complete mercy of someone you don't really know either. This fate happened to the two of us since I first moved to his place, and later on we both moved together back to the US.

The conclusion of the story is that you have to know that there is hardship, there are difficulties and sacrifices before coming together, and there is a part of risk that you will probably take only if you can truly say that “you just know”. But on the bright side we are actually living the perfect couple life, we ended up getting married and we never had any reason to regret our decision. Spirituality is a central part of our lives too and we support and help each other in our mission to be of help and service for the greater good, the true purpose of twin flames !

Twin Flames explained

The theory in a nutshell... :-) Souls are born in “batches”, or groups if you prefer. Souls from the same group have a special affinity with each other, and are what is called “soul mates”. Soulmates life paths often cross each other, although not necessarily romantically. More often they will actually have a parent-child or a siblings relationship, and they will simply be friends. At each incarnation soul mates can pick any role, so soul mates multiply experiences and help each other grow and evolve during many incarnations according to soul contracts they agree on.

To make things a little bit more complicated, each Soul divides in two parts at birth. Both "halves" are each other's twin flame. The twin flames will first live their journey separately, accumulating their own experiences that will generally be tied to a unique gender. At the end of the journey when reaching a certain level of consciousness both halves are destined to reunite, their divine masculine and feminine parts complete each other and merge to become one again. A new journey begins, both twin flames embrace their purpose and start their mission to be of help and service for the greater good. Their energy and their love spreads all around them and contributes to raising the level of consciousness of all.

Twin Flames can naturally meet each other in any incarnation before this final reunion time. Like soul mates they will feel a special bond, an affinity, and they will most likely have at least a nice friendship. Anything and everything is possible.

Where is kundalini in the picture ?

This sounds more like a question about divine sex and the blissful divine reunion that many people expect. I would advise here to manage your expectations because there is no direct relationship. Kundalini has nothing to do with twin flames and everything to do with spiritual awakening. The kundalini awakening is experienced at the end of a long spiritual journey that involves a lot of meditation work and requires a relatively high level of consciousness.

It is however not completely far-fetched in the sense that twin flames normally reunite when they are far in their spiritual evolution, so it wouldn't actually be surprising if one or both have a spiritual awakening and experience the kundalini rise, which some people associate with ascension. I must emphasize that it comes at the end of a long and hard spiritual work on yourself and it is not part of the "twin flames reunion package" for free.

The question leads to another interesting related point. Knowing that Twin Flames reunion is not necessarily romantic makes perfect sense from the kundalini perspective. People mistakingly think that this is just something that makes sex even better, but nothing could be farther from the truth because you are required to preserve your sexual energy if you want to succeed on the path of self-realization. Kundalini is primarily used to clean and transform your body, so you cannot waste it. Many Twin Flames typically have great sex at first, but when they reach a certain level of consciousness they stop and focus on the spiritual part, which is their purpose.

Can you tell more about the dark night of the soul ?

The dark night of the soul is also something that is related to spiritual work and spiritual awakening. As such it doesn't have anything to do with Twin Flames, but it is not completely unrelated since, as explained for the kundalini, it is not abnormal for Twin Flames to actually become spiritually awakened at some point.

How does karma fit in the picture ?

Like kundalini and the dark night of the soul, karma is a different thing that is related to your spiritual level. Karmic debt is probably not expected to be very high with twin flames at the time of their final reunion for the same reason, which is that they are closer to the end of their journey when they meet. In other words Twin Flames are expected to have a higher consciousness level and to have progressed on the spiritual journey when the time for reunion finally comes.

The road is however still long even for twin flames, and they still have karma. Karma is caused by thoughts and only those who master their mind and change the habits of their mind can hope to clear their karma. This is a very long process that starts with spiritual awakening and self-realization and it can take many lifetimes to complete.

If you are not even able to maintain a quiet and empty mind all day long, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, clearing karma will never occur. Karma is thought, as long as you think you accumulate karma. The quality of your thoughts determines the karmic debt, and for as long as you will think the same way you will keep experiencing the same reality and live the same kind of life in every incarnation. Karma is not some sort of punishment mechanism like most people tend to think, the prison is built by yourself and things keep happening the same way in your life for the sole reason that you keep thinking the same way, which causes the manifestation of the same reality.

Going back to my previous explanation about kundalini, the subject of karma is deeply related to the preservation of your sexual energies and the cultivation of “real ching/jing”. The mastery of your mind helps avoiding to accumulate new bad karma but it does not directly remove old bad karma. Removing bad old karma is the result of the purification process that follows the kundalini awakening if you are able to stop having sex and sexual desire.

Meeting your twin flame is not going to change anything to your karma and your respective karmic debts have no direct influence on the time of your reunion. Only your spiritual growth does. Of course twin flames do not necessarily grow at the same pace, so one gets general ready before the other. When the gap is not too big the more mature one can help the other twin, although the work remains essentially a question of personal transformation so it is by definition long, hard, and personal.

Can a DNA activation help ?

Anything that helps your spiritual growth is good for you and your consciousness level. By extension if it helps you get closer to the end of your journey it has a positive influence on your readiness to reunite with your twin flame and on also on your ability to help him/her grow.

Being a spiritual teacher, my vocation is to help people grow spiritually. I offer coaching/guidance along with a broad range of services on my Spiritual Services Web Site. The DNA activation is actually one of them, although I do not advise to do that before making an actual assessment with you. For those wishing to grow spiritually I like to see where they are in their evolution and discuss with them to determine what would be appropriate and helpful.

What about the stages and symptoms ?

There is a strange trend nowadays to talk about twin flame reunion problems like a sickness, but if you pay attention the only message there is about complicated / difficult romantic stories. There isn't anything there that isn't applicable to any love story. People are looking for the ultimate, the divine love story that will provide them with the perfect mate... but then as their life path unveils itself they discover difficulties and relationship problems. The difficulties start right when they meet their twin flame: very often at least one is already in a relationship, often already married and divorce related issues start arising. Whether this is behind or not, relationship problems arise too: coming together and breaking up, sometimes one even starts dating others and cheating. As is often the case with love stories, one is a runner and one is a chaser.

My main standpoint remains that a twin flames relationship is first of all not necessarily meant to be romantic, and secondly that if there are problems it simply means that it is not the right time. If the time is not right, you will simply not have the perfect lover, the divine union, the blissful merge of your masculine and feminine parts, oneness and unconditional love, in short: the dream union. You can/may reunite at any time when you life paths cross each other, but I suppose you will agree that it is better to reunite when the time is right rather than forcing a union when the right conditions are not met.

However, I am not saying that everything is easy when the time for reunion comes ! One twin flame or both twin flames will likely be in a relationship or married, possibly with children; there is often the factor of distance and many find their twin flame at the other end of the world; finally, age difference often comes into picture too and will make you both think. So divine reunion will often also mean surrender, separation and possibly fighting, pain, letting go and healing. Let us not forget too, you and/or your twin flame may be with a soulmate... when soulmates are involved things are even more intense ! These are aspects that you will most likely discover even when the time is right. But the difference is, when the time is right there will be no doubts in your mind(s) that coming together is the thing to do and you will overcome these difficulties to be together even if it means losing everything. And when you are together there will be no quarrels, no fight and no hate between you, and no cheating either.

When the time is right, there is no runner or chaser, there are no stages, there are no symptoms like it would be some sort of sickness. All there is, is a divine connection that cannot be mistaken.

I also want to say that there is nothing wrong about having a love story with a soul mate and many soul mates are happily married. They have a deep and profound connection too, and it is not because you haven't found your twin flame or because the time for reunion is not right that you cannot be happy and fulfilled ! As a general rule I do not advocate to start searching for a twin flame and exclude everything else, while all you should be doing really is seeking happiness, fulfillment and completion.

What about gay / lesbian twins ?

Twin flames reunion is not about sex and is not even necessarily about a love story either. Yes your life path may cross your twin flame's life path at a time when you have the same gender, and if you get along well enough you may even go for an intimate connection in the flesh. You can get along very well and there is nothing wrong about that. From a spiritual and rational standpoint however, it can't possibly be the right time for the final reunion: strictly speaking twin flames are supposed to be reunited at the end of their journey and at the time of reunion their divine masculine and feminine parts complete each other and merge to become one again. So even if you feel great together, you are not at the end of your journey and it is not the right time to reunite. I am not saying that you cannot or should not be together, for life or for a little while, of course you can do anything you want... but you should not expect the spiritual part to be there and standard couple/relationship issues will be totally normal.

Any last words ?

Let every day bring you its surprises. As time passes you will discover where your journey is leading you and along the way you will learn a lot through pain and joy. With lots of teachings you will mainly learn about yourself, and at the end of the road you will meet with your twin and finish the journey together. Your twin will find you when the time is right, you don't have to search. Maybe the time will be in this life, maybe not. Letting go is essential, everything will be revealed to you on due time and if you don't get your twin flame you will receive something else instead. Trust that the higher power knows best what's best for you !

Remember that what you need is not necessarily a twin flame, what you need is happiness, fulfillment and completion. Any person that can give you that is the right person. When you ask the universe to get something you should never demand the means, you should simply specify the end result: you do not say “I want a twin flame” because you think that this is what you need to be happy, instead you say “I want to be happy” and let the universe give you what will make you happy.

On that note, the correct way to manifest what you want in your life is not to ask or to pray. Asking or praying is the same as visualizing and manifesting the situation of not having. Wanting never got anything to anyone without doing. What you need to do is to view yourself as already in that situation of having. If you want to have a dream life, you have to see yourself as living it in your mind like it is already a reality. Everything that is in your vision will be manifested, so if you think that a part of your happiness depends on being in couple with the perfect person, just see yourself in couple with a perfect person. But do not attempt to define who that person should be or how that person should be because you will never get it right. You must focus on the end result, which is you being fulfilled, and the universe will send you the right person.

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