Twin Flames and Financial Problems

Finding and connecting your Twin Flame / Twin Soul was successful and you now wonder about what will happen in the future. Many of us have found our Twin living thousands of miles away in another country. One thing was always present in most of the success stories that I have been involved with: how do we overcome the challenge of moving to another country ?

This can be the biggest challenge you ever had to face in your life, both emotionally and financially.

I can truly say it was that way for me !

I pretty much gave away most of my belongings since I could not take them, including clothes and personal items. If you are very attached to your possessions, it can be a very hard thing to do; maybe even impossible. Leaving behind your life and family is already a big emotional issue and entering a new life with very little is not easy. In all the years I have been helping Twins finding each other, I did not see to many of them having an over abundance on money and assets. Most of us are just normal people trying to live a good life and working hard to have some comfort in it.

Manifesting your reunion

If you feel you are ready to go or if your Twin is the one that will make the move, if you wonder were the money will come from for it, you need to learn how to manifest in to your life what you need.

Some of you who have already tried with little success will say it will never work, I already tried it.

There is a right way and a wrong way to manifest and intent. Why not giving it another try, what do you have to loose after all ?

Check it out !

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