Twin Flames / Twin Souls, wrong timing ?

When I think about my personal reunion, one thing is coming to mind: the timing was right !!

I would not be here and writing about it today without the right timing. Both my Twin and I let the Universe decide when it was the right time for us to find each other.

Wrong Time for Reunion ?

So many of you have contacted me and asked me "why is it so difficult to stay together once I have found my Twin" ?

The answer is simple and complex at the same time. The Universe has planned for you to reunite at exactly the right time, but since we create and change our destiny with every breath we take we often get impatient and want to be with our Twin now. So you start searching for him or her, and sometimes you are successful and actually find him or her.

In most cases when you do, the other person will feel the strong bond that connects you as well as you do right away. The only difference is that he or she will not be ready for the incredible news presented to him or her. It is possible to have an incredible love affair for a little while and even making plans on staying together. But then like a lightning bolt, it seems to hit them and they get overwhelmed and start withdrawing. Very often your Twin and you are still in existing relationships, and only one of you is ready to break away to reunite, sometimes both of you will struggle with the idea of changing their life completely to be reunited.

This is where it becomes obvious that the time frame for the reunion is not in the present but rather in the future for both of you. If the timing was right, you would not hesitate and would do anything in your power to reunite.

When you get to this point, it causes a lot of hardship and hurt; you cannot understand why he/she is not ready to be with you and choose to stay in the present relationship. Not only will you be unhappy about the situation that causes you so much heartache, but you will question the whole idea of the Twin Flame / Twin Soul reunion and prophecy. You want answers and you wonder why your Twin is not ready and why the Universe let you find him/her if you cannot be together.

You forgot that it was you who searched and found him/her and it was you who decided it was time for reunion.

No matter how much you wanted it to be true and to reunite, if it is the wrong time it cannot work out and you will be left with a big aching hole in your Heart and your Soul. There are other cases when destiny just makes you run into your Twin to early and both of you are not ready but are willing to accept the intense time you can spend together, even just for a short time. If you are one of these couples, you know how both of you tried, sometimes over many years, to make sense out of your relationship. It just seems to go on and on but without any hope of being together forever. Often one of you decides to leave and there is no communication for long periods of time. No matter how long you are apart, you always feel close to each other.

When you are together you feel like the world disappears and only the two of you exist. When you are apart, you feel like being lost, alone and without a reason to live for. You feel physical pain and it is like missing a part of yourself.

Almost all Twin Flames / Twin Souls couples have something in common: one of the Twins is what we call the ignorant. The other is usually spiritually higher evolved than her Twin.

This can cause some problems even if the timing is right because the stronger in faith has to build up the other one, that is still questioning the concept of Twin Flames / Twin Souls.

The difference between the couples where the timing is right and the ones where it is wrong is that, if the timing is right, it won't cause any problems; it is more like showing the other the way. If you are in the wrong time zone for reunion, it is almost impossible to overcome the obstacles.

I know it must sound totally hopeless if you find yourself belonging to the group of wrong timing. Don't despair and don't give up, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I have seen rare cases where, even at the wrong time, Twin couples have been able to overcome the obstacles and stayed in touch over as many as 10 years. Even during all this time they never lost hope and always knew that they belonged together. So I can say, I have seen it first hand, some may have found each other to early but found a way to reunite even if it was not easy at times.

Twin Flames / Twin Souls are destined to be together in this life or some other life when the time is right.

If you feel you belong to the wrong time group, you might want to try and find out when your reunion is possible. It is always up to you to decide what is the best and right for you, just keep in mind the that Universe does not work on our time plan.

The love of Twin Flames / Twin souls is eternal. You cannot loose, you are destined to be together.

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